Stakeholder Engagement

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Ting-Jun Tsai
Management Department Manager

Identify & Communicate with Stakeholders
Our stakeholders include employees, customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, etc. We’re devoted to maintaining excellent relationships with our stakeholders, improving internal/external communication affairs, deploying roles/responsibilities among related departments in accordance with respective stakeholder’s concerns. Furthermore, we also strive to cope with environmental trends and amendments of laws and regulations. In order to meet the expectations of stakeholders, we use various communication methods to ensure that relevant tasks are completed, and communication channels are maintained smoothly. The management team will regularly collect relevant information for future improvement or reference.
Responses and Responsibilities to Stakeholders
Billion Electric Co., Ltd. always adhere to steady business strategies and financial operations, trying to safeguard the rights and interests of stakeholders. In addition to setting up departments responsible for respond to stakeholders’ concerns, endeavoring to promote our values and reputation. At the same time, we’re also committed to becoming an outstanding company with sustainable development in the industry.
After our IPO, we have granted dividends to shareholders and maintained steady capital plans and financial structure. We also provided investors with accurate, timely and transparent operating conditions and financial figures. All announcement documents that should be issued in accordance with regulations of the competent authority are available on MOPS and company websites. Finally, we strive to achieve the goal of information transparency, information disclosure and corporate governance.