Audit Process

Communication Records of Independent Directors, Internal Audit Supervisors, Accountants

The company has 3 independent directors. The Internal Audit Supervisor collaborates with CPA to assist independent directors in fulfilling their duties through the following communication meetings, while also promoting more efficient business operations.
  1. The Company’s independent directors regularly check the audit report issued by Internal Audit Supervisor and is to communicate with the Internal Audit Supervisor.
  2. The Internal Audit Supervisor and independent directors must meet on a quarterly basis, prior to the regular Board of Directors’ meetings. Contents of discussion include the audit plan, the results of internal audits, business operating results and other significant matters.
  3. The CPA is to meet with independent directors on a yearly basis to report on the audit results of the Company and its subsidiaries' financial reports, internal control discoveries, laws/regulations updates, and other relevant recommendations.
  4. 2019 Communication Record: Independent Directors, Chief Internal Audit, CPA