Audit Committee

The Audit Committee aims to assist the Board of Directors in maintaining quality and integrity when overseeing the Company's execution of relevant accounting, auditing, financial report processes and financial control measures. 

The contents reviewed by the Audit Committee include:
  • Financial Statements,
  • Auditing and accounting policies & procedures,
  • Internal control system and relevant policies and procedures
  • Transactions of major assets or derivative products
  • Endorsement/Guarantee of major loans to others
  • Offering and Issuance of Securities
  • Derivatives and cash investments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Related party transactions & possible conflicts of interest between managers and directors
  • Complaint report
  • Fraud prevention programs and fraud investigation reports
  • Information security
  • Risk management
  • CPA qualifications, independence and performance evaluations
  • Appointment, dismissal, remuneration of CPA
  • Appointment & dismissal of Finance, Accounting and Internal Audit Supervisors

According to regulations, the members of the audit committee shall comprise of independent directors. Billion Electric Co., Ltd.’s Audit Committee fully complies with all the abovementioned regulations.

In order to perform its duties, the Audit Committee has the right to conduct any appropriate audits and investigations in accordance with the organization’s articles of association. The Audit Committee shall have direct channels of communication with the company's internal auditors, CPA and all of the company’s employees. The audit committee also has the right to hire and supervise attorneys, accountants or other consultants to assist in fulfilling its duties.
The Audit Committee meets on a quarterly basis minimum. Please refer to the Billion Electric Co., Ltd.’s annual reports for the details of the meetings as well as the attendance rate of each individual member.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee aims to assist the Board of Directors in the execution and evaluation of the Company's overall remuneration/welfare policies, as well as the remuneration of directors and managers of associate or higher.

As required by the regulations, members of the Remuneration Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors. According to the Billion Electric Co., Ltd. Remuneration Committee Articles of Association, the members of this committee shall include the independent directors of the company. The other members shall be appointed by the resolution of the Board. The total number of members shall be no less than three.

The Remuneration Committee meets at least once every six months. For meeting details and the attendance rate of each member, please refer to Billion Electric Co., Ltd.’s annual reports.

Committee Members
Name Audit Committee Remuneration Committee
Yon-Yan Chen (Independent director) Convener Convener
Jun-Yao Lee (Independent director) Member Member
Shen-Tai Wen (Independent director) Member Member

Important Resolutions of the audit committee
Important Resolutions of the remuneration committee